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התייחסותה של ד"ר רונית אלוני לשני סרטי קולנוע: "פרינסס" ו - "הרחק מהיעדרו"
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The Dr Ronit Aloni Clinic

Your Personal Path to Sexual Rehabilitation

"Sexuality plays a key role in all of us and is incredibly complex because it convokes the psychological, cognitive and emotional aspects of our lives. In light of this complexity it is personally important for me to meet everyone who contacts us, be they female, male, a couple or a family member of a potential patient. These one on one meetings allow me to become personally acquainted with each and every one of you, to listen deeply to your story and to offer you my recommendation on how best to proceed. Sometimes I find that the problem is localized and can be dealt with with in a single focused consultation. In other cases, during the course of the meeting, I formulate a personal approach which takes into account the physiological, cognitive and emotional issues pertaining. At the end of the initial consultation you will receive an estimate from me of the number, frequency and type of therapy deemed necessary."

Dr Ronit Aloni’s Clinic offers treatments for women, men, couples, people with special needs, sexual therapy with surrogates, art therapy and coaching. There are also one off counselling sessions for individuals, couples and family members.

Clinical staff consists of an interdisciplinary team of sex therapists, surrogates, doctors, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, art therapists and coaches.

The Dr. Ronit Aloni Clinic is the only private clinic that has been recognized by the Israeli Society of Sex Therapy (ISST) as a Specialist Training Clinic.

The clinic runs training programs for both surrogates and the therapists working with them.

After the initial consultation with Dr. Ronit Aloni, the applicant/s are referred to a therapist who will guide them through the entirety of the process. The therapist has been selected according to their experience in treating the specific problem raised, the age of the referred, area of residence and available time. The Clinic has a flexible payment policy thanks to the wide range of practitioners available, some younger, others with more experience and or specializations. This range allows us to adapt treatment to the budget of the client without affecting the quality of therapy. All young therapists are paired with experienced facilitators and the entire clinic staff participates in professional meetings and educational seminars on a regular basis. In this way we are able to treat a wide range of the population – students, soldiers or other individuals who can not usually afford private treatment.

To arrange an initial consultation with Dr Aloni or to receive further information in English or French:

Telephone: 03-5222111


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